Resources to Shape Policy and Advocate for STEM Education

Stimulate partnerships with Illinois business and industry, government agencies, educational institutions, and professional associations to understand the STEM pipeline, mainline and workforce development needs, opportunities, and challenges and to serve as advocates within the state.


  • Information for researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders about STEM education activities at Illinois.

1. News Stories

Short news stories about STEM policy and advocacy activities on the Illinois campus.

2. I-STEM Campus Affiliates Directory: STEM Education Policy & Advocacy Affiliates

Directory of Urbana-Champaign campus personnel interested in STEM education, including those who focus on STEM education policy and advocacy.

3. Funded Projects Directory

Directory of current externally funded STEM education policy and advocacy projects on the Illinois campus.

4. Funding Opportunities

External funding opportunities for STEM education policy and advocacy research.

5. Policy and Advocacy Links

Resources for policy and advocacy activity.

STEM Education Conferences/Meetings
TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools)
  • Program started by Microsoft Company strives to get a computer science course in every high school in the U.S. Schools wishing to apply to be a partner with TEALS for the 2019-2020 school year must apply by February 28, 2019.
U.S. Government STEM Education Resources