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STEM Education Outreach Groups at Illinois

Organization Name Description
Acronym Full Target Age Group Contact
I-STEM Web Articles
Akono’s Structural Mechanics Workshop     03/08/2016
American Society of Mechanical Engineers K-12 spresto2 (at) illinois.edu 03/08/2016
Association of Women in Math K-12 lanius2 (at) illinois.edu 06/03/2016

Bahl Research Group 9-12    
Biomedical Engineering Society 9-12 kiang2 (at) illinois.edu 10/25/2016
Blue Waters Graduate Fellowship Program Grads    
Blue Waters Internship Program Undergrads   06/12/2015
BioImaging Research Experience for Undergraduates Undergrads   08/24/2015
Brady Stem Academy Middle School   Brady STEM Academy
Bruce Fouke Research Group Undergrads    
bugscope (at) beckman.illinois.edu 10/7/2008
CADENS All ages   6/4/2015
Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science All Ages sacnas.uiuc (at) gmail.com 05/18/2015
Chung Lab Undergrads    
Center for Global Studies

All Ages

global-studies (at) illinois.edu CGS
CS@Illinois Sail High School cs-sail@illinois.edu 05/12/2016
Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems Research Experience for Undergraduates undergrads ebics_admin (at) mit.edu EBICS
Engineering Advocates K-12 eib (at) ec.illinois.edu  
Engineering Without Borders Undergrads    
Engineers Volunteering in STEM EducatION Undergrads mmilner2 (at) illinois.edu ENVISION
Engineering Open House K-12 eoh (at) ec.illinois.edu EOH
Engineering Outreach Society K-12 cjfanni2 (at) illinois.edu 04/15/2016
Genome Day     11/30/2016
Graduate College Educational Equity Programs K-12    
Girls Engaged in Math & Science Middle/High School   GEMS
Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science High School   GAMES
Graduates in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology K-12    
Illinois First     01/23/2014
Illini Aerospace Outreach K-12 aero-outreach (at) illinois.edu 12/06/2016
Illinois Aerospace Institute 9-12 il-aero-inst (at) illinois.edu 7/30/2014
Illinois Engineering Ambassadors K-12 ambassadors (at) engr.illinois.edu  
Illinois Space Society 9-12 adkoehl2 (at) illinois.edu  
Illinois Geometry Lab K-12 igl (at) math.uiuc.edu IGL
Illinois Robotics in Space K-12 iris.uiuc (at) gmail.com  
I-RISE 5-8 info (at) irise.illinois.edu iRISE
iRobotics 5-8 irobotics.illinois (at) gmail.com  
I-STEM Initiatives Middle/High School innes (at) illinois.edu I-STEM Initiatives
Illinois 4-H K-12 Illinois4H (at) illinois.edu 4H
MakerGirl K-12; info (at) makergirl.us MakerGirl
Material Advantage K-12 andresvelarde1776 (at) gmail.com  
MCB Graduate Student Organization     MCBees
Mechanical Science and Engineering Education Outreach K-12 jmuskin (at) illinois.edu 07/22/2016
Multicultural Engineering Recruitment for Graduate Education Undergrads engr-merge (at) illinois.edu 09/30/2016
nano@Illinois Research Experience for Undergraduates Undergrads ckouadio (at) illinois.edu nano@illinois
Nanoscale Science and Technology Resources for Community Teaching in K-12 K-12   12/9/2014
NutrImpact   nutrimpact@gmail.com 3/17/2014
Physics Van K-12 physvan (at) physics.illinois.edu 10/16/2013
Pi Tau Sigma   ptsillinoisalpha@gmail.com 4/22/2014
Plant Biology Association of Graduate Students      
Pollen Power   pollenpower (at) igb.illinois.edu 07/24/2013
  Undergrads   08/21/2017
Robotics, Automation, and Dance High School   09/08/2016
RDLE Research & Development STEM Learning Exchange Undergrads    
REACT Reaching and Educating America's Chemists of Tomorrow K-8 thereactprogram (at) gmail.com REACT
RE-TE-G Renewable Energy and Turbulent Enviornment Group K-12    
  Rheology Zoo     9/24/2015
  Robotics and Controls Lab      
SACNAS Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/ Hispanics and Native Americans in the Sciences   uiuc.sacnas@gmail.com SACNAS
SHPE Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers  K-12 shpe.uiuc.External (at) gmail.com  
Sistas in STEM Undergrad sis.uiuc (at) gmail.com 09/24/2017
SWE Society of Women Engineers K-12 agerth2 (at) illinois.edu SWE
  Suarez Lab (Andy Suarez)      
SIM Summer Illinois Math Camp   simcamp (at) math.uiuc.edu 06/3/2016
Tap-In Tap-In Leadership Academy   questions (at) tapinacademy.org  
  UIUC Biophysics      
  Vet Med Open House   ope (at) vetmed.illinois.edu Vet Med Open House
  Veterinary Student Outreach Program High School;    
WCS Women in Computer Science Middle & High School contact (at) illinoiswcs.org 11/16/2016
WIE Women in Engineering K-12 wie (at) illinois.edu WIE
WYSE Worldwide Youth In Science and Engineering K-12 wyse (at) illinois.edu WYSE
XSEDE XSEDE Scholars Program   help (at) xsede.org 06/20/2016
XSEDE XSEDE Student Champions Program   help (at) xsede.org