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I-STEM Campus Affiliates Directory

Urbana-Champaign campus personnel interested in STEM education. This directory is intended to foster collaboration in grant-writing, outreach projects, evaluation, and other areas.

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plasma fractal

This plasma fractal was created by Orion Lawlor as a doctoral student in Computer Science at Illinois.


Brian Fields
Brian Fields

Astronomy, Physics
Chair, Professor of Astronomy, Professor of Physics

I-STEM Goal Affiliation:
1. P-16 STEM Education Outreach
2. STEM Teacher Training & Development

I have an ongoing connection with MSTE, where I am a guest lecturer for some of their outreach programs for students and especially for K-12 teachers.


Jennifer Greene
Jennifer Greene

Educational Psychology

I-STEM Goal Affiliation:
4. Policy & Advocacy for STEM Education

Project(s): EVEN Evaluation Model

My research involves the development of strong approaches to STEM education evaluation, including approaches that address both policy questions about program effectiveness and diversity questions about equity in program access and accomplishment.